1 Pair of Compression Socks donated to the hospital of your choice 



Knee High Compression Socks for Men & Women by ZIDA. Helps Blood Clots, Plantar Fasciitis, Pain, Swollen Feet & Varicose Veins. Long Hours Support Hose - Pregnancy, Travel, Flight, Nurse & More

  • SUPPORT THAT RELIVES PAIN – Whether it be from long trips, working on your feet all day, pregnancy, post-surgery or sprains, we’ve all experience leg, foot pain & swelling at some point. ZIDA  compression socks, will relieve your pain and assist in many medical issues like Achilles tendinitis, edema, dvt, shin splint & more

  • NO MORE SWEATY TOES. FEEL GREAT ALL DAY - Made from 60% breathable combed cotton with antibacterial silver yarn, our socks designed and built for extended hours wearing with comfort. Long hours at work, airplane travel, outdoors or just at home? It doesn’t matter what you do. Now your toes and foot will remain fresh & dry without any sweaty feeling.

  • QUALITY CRAFTED. FREE YOUR CALF FOM PAIN & PRESSURE – With an anatomically designed cone structure, our notable light socks equipped with a non-hug elastic band and a reinforced heel and toe that won’t leave any painful & annoying marks on your calf & will keep your socks straight on your leg. ZIDA compression socks made from top quality fabrics that do not lose tension even after extended use.

  • EFFECTIVE COMPRESSION FOR EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE - With 17-22mmHg graduated compression that boosts blood circulation & stamina, ZIDA Compression Socks are THE ULTIMATE support for faster recovery after running, cycling, cross fit, yoga and any other sport or daily activities. ZIDA compression will Boost your energy whatever you do.


1 Pair of Zida compression socks

  • Cotton: 60%
    Polyamide: 20%
    Spandex: 15%
    Coolmax/Silver: 5%